"Presently Transforming Grocery Retail Landscape in & around Jaipur and soon expanding to many parts of India."


Kirana King is an off-line aggregation platform for the traditional mom & pop grocery stores under our uniquely structured Franchise Program through which we are infusing sustainability and competitiveness in the off-line grocery retail ecosystem by way of empowering the kiranawallas with a unified marketable retail brand name, "Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukaan". We are transforming and elevating the traditionally run kirana shops as aesthetically appealing convenience grocery stores with enhanced product assortment, proprietary point of sale system, digital display screen, ubiquity of digital payments, and a lot more for enhanced Consumer Shopping Experience.

Recognized and awarded for being the fastest-growing grocery retail company, Kirana King had its business inception in the year 2017 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Leading ahead, our core mission is to encourage and persuade off-line grocery shops to adopt a revolutionizing transformation of their traditional kirana stores.

With over 250+ Network Stores and exponentially growing, we take immense pride in looking at our business success and our guaranteed competence in doing everything that makes things happen in the best possible way for the stakeholders of the grocery retail ecosystem.

Standardization, Digitization, Centralization & Socialization is the four-fold path and forms the core of our Retail Operating System. Kirana King operates with the fuelling objective of empowering and enabling the traditionally run off-line kirana shops. With changing market trends, we seize every opportunity to upgrade our standards and align with the consumers' preferences accordingly. Our prime focus on consumers' satisfaction is not just one of our identifiable principles but also stands out as our guiding philosophy to motivate ourselves to do even better than we are supposed to.


Our brand

Differentiation Created in the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility and Socialisation forms the core of the business philosophy at Kirana King. At Kirana King, we lay a special emphasis on Women Empowerment and this TVC on Female Entrepreneurship sums it up all

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